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  • The course was delivered really well and I gained extra knowledge of data link system.

    The tutor, Reuben, delivered the material with a very engaging descriptive method.

    I learnt a lot about issues concerned with data links.

    I enjoyed learning about scope connections and how to set up test equipment. The course overall was very intuitive and enjoyable.

    It was a great first principles course taught by a very enthusiastic instructor.

    SSI Data Link Testing Course


  • I learned about the background of ERTMS and how it relates to existing signalling methods. Several of the exercises were very useful.

    The course overall was very clear and easy going. The course provided a very clear presentation and overall.

    A huge learning curve for me a lot of background information was good as a refresh.

    The course gave me an insight to ERTMS technology and additional background information.

    ERTMS & CBI Course


  • It was great course as I had very little knowledge of crossings before I started and left with a great understanding due to the tutor passing on his knowledge in a clear and simple way.

    The opportunity to practice fault finding and function testing of the circuitry was most beneficial to me.

    The course was very interesting with lots to learn and mitigating circuits. Very enjoyable and the course expanded my knowledge

    Mod 3BX Level Crossing


  • Signet were able to arrange the course at a London location and tailored it to London Underground Standards. The trainer was very aware of the Standards and was very aware that certain things were done differently on LUL. The trainer delivered the course at a good pace.

    It was good to see how Network Rail work and about their developed process in comparison to our London Underground Standards. The group discussions were very useful regarding the standards to understand their meaning.

    The tutor was perfectly fitted. It will help me to develop in my career.

    Mod 1 LUL


  • I enjoyed the interactive nature of the course. The instructor gave clear delivery and the information gained was very relevant to my job role.

    The instructor shared a lot of real life stories which were very interesting. He was clear, engaging, interactive and very knowledgeable.

    The course gave a great overview and was extremely helpful. The instructor was awesome and very knowledgeable and easy to understand.

    I enjoyed the course overall but relay and solid state interlocking logic appealed to me the most.

    Basic Signalling Technology

    Toronto, Canada

  • The course benefitted from having lots of examples.

    I gained more respect for individual developing and understanding aspects.

    The signalling control tables session was really useful. I learned a lot about how interlocking was done.

    Intermediate Signalling Technology

    Toronto, Canada

  • The Trainer catered for my lack of 3C competence/knowledge to allow me to complete the course which was perfect.

    Mod 3BL Functional Tester


  • The delivery of the training course was at a correct pace and easy to understand
    I appreciated the content and pace of the course

    The course was conducted at the correct speed and the level of details was enormous. The facilities of the venue were great.

    The course filled in the gaps in my knowledge.

    Intermediate Signalling Technology


  • I gained new knowledge on crossings & PLC equipment in my area.

    The course was aimed at exactly what I need to know.

    I appreciated the knowledge gained.

    CCTV Level Crossing Course


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