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Other signalling courses

Other Signalling Courses

Elsewhere on this website, we’ve organised our courses by “Design”, “Maintenance” and “Testing” categories. If you’re not sure which category your needs fall into, or you’re after equipment-specific training, you may find it here instead.

If you have any problems locating what you want, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Located on this page you will find:

Relay Interlocking

To enhance our Route Relay Interlocking courses, we have a purpose-built Route Relay Interlocking with Entrance Exit panel and full simulation of trackside equipment.

This facility is purpose built for training, illustrating a wide range of signalling and implementation principles.

All of our RRI training benefits from the use of this facility.

We have four specific RRI training courses to suit the needs of common roles.

Please note that our training is newly designed. We have attached the familiar acronym titles to assist you in identifying the courses.

We can also design and deliver tailored training to meet the actual needs of your staff.

Our relay interlocking training is based upon current Railway Group and Network Rail Company standards, supplemented by best practice guidance where these are unclear.

We encourage a deep understanding of the principles and how they mitigate risks, rather than unquestioning adherence to standards or completion of boxes.

Click on the links in the sidebar to see our standard route relay interlocking courses.

Solid State Interlocking (SSI) Courses

Signet Solutions are pleased to offer the widest range of training to support the whole life cycle of your SSI installation.

The SSI (Solid State Interlocking) system was first developed in the 1980s and jointly exploited by British Rail, GEC (now Alstom) and Westinghouse (now Invensys). It has now become very commonplace across the UK.

The obsolescence of some of the specific system subcomponents dictates that the future construction of “classic” SSI installations will be very limited. However, the two above manufacturers now have proprietary “next generation” SSI-like products, Smartlock and Westlock respectively.

 These products, as well as being forwards-compatible with European Rail Traffic Management System (ERTMS), are also backwards-compatible with the classic SSI interlocking data and trackside equipment. The latter demonstrates how the SSI data links and trackside functional modules have become a de-facto standard method of interface to trackside equipment.

SSI is therefore the signalling technology of both the present and the future; Signet Solutions are proud to support this technology.

Our training installation comprises a fully-functional central interlocking, interfaced to technician’s terminal, entrance-exit panel, trackside data links, trackside functional modules, trackside equipment and simulated replies from other trackside modules. We also have the unique capability of training your designers in the completion of the newly-mandated SSI-specific control tables, and in the preparation and validation of SSI interlocking data.

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