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Signalling Development Programmes

  • Does your organisation have a major shortage of skilled staff?
  • Are you unable to recruit skilled staff from elsewhere?
  • Are you daunted by the timescales for the development of your staff to the required level of competence?
  • Does the cost of training your staff to the required level seem excessive?

If you have answered “yes” to any of these questions, a development programme may offer you a solution.

Far-sighted employers in the rail signalling industry have gained great advantage by using our tailor-made development programmes.

Typical Programme

A typical programme starts with identification by the client of a major long-term skills gap in their organisation, which cannot be met by incremental training of existing staff, or recruitment of already competent staff. This then leads to targeted recruitment of individuals well suited to the role.

Such recruits might be:

  • Experienced engineers from other industries
  • Ex-Armed forces engineers
  • Suitably qualified graduates
  • Educated to tertiary level

Signet Solutions and the client then work together to identify the common “start point” skills of the group, and the client’s required “end point” skills in the job role. Signet Solutions will then design and deliver a tailored training programme to take the trainees directly and efficiently on the journey between the “start point” and “end point”.

The programme would consist of:

  • Tailormade knowledge and practical training delivered by Signet Solutions
  • Directed periods of workplace experience covering all aspects of the client’s organisation
  • Ongoing progress measurement and final assessment of competence to confirm that the “end point” has successfully been reached

The benefits of development programmes include:

  • The training content is exactly tailored to your needs, eliminating gaps and unnecessary training in irrelevant subjects
  • The programme progresses at an ideal rate of learning, balancing speed with the need to assimilate the learning in the workplace
  • Work placements designed to complement and re-inforce the pure training elements
  • Training is bought “in bulk” and so represents excellent value for money
  • Training dates are exclusive and assured, not subject to cancellation or over-booking by the provider
  • Rapid turnaround of trainees, from overhead liability to chargeable resource
  • Fast -Track delivery of competent staff to the client

Case Studies – Throughout Our 21 years

Signal Maintenance Engineer Conversion Programmes for Network Rail
We have successfully delivered four groups, with 40 maintenance engineers now working within Network Rail. These engineers had previously reached a robust level of experience in other, similar industries. The programme provided the relevant knowledge and skills necessary for a maintenance management role. These engineers have now progressed in their career to senior and management level.

Design and Construction Engineer Conversion Programme for Network Rail
WA variant on the Maintenance Engineer Conversion Programme, this has delivered 4 groups of competent engineers. These engineers have also now progressed in their career to senior and management level.

Signalling Schemes Designer Conversion Programme for Network Rail
Another variant on the above which developed over 20 engineers.

Graduate Signal Engineer Training Programme for Network Rail
Over several years, Signet Solutions have successfully prepared Network Rail's graduate signal engineers for a variety of future roles.

Design Engineer Training Programme for Carillion Rail Projects
A group of six young engineers have been developed in the skills of location and track renewal design in this programme.

Principles Design Engineer Training Programme for Carillion Rail Projects
This short programme enabled the accelerated development of eight designers to be able to undertake principles design.

Accident Investigator Training Programme for Rail Accident Investigation Branch
A number of experienced high level engineers from a variety of backgrounds have been provided with the skills and knowledge to be able to investigate accidents to a detailed level.

IECC Data Preparers’ Programmes for Delta Rail
Delta Rail have recruited a number of graduate engineers into this job role. Two separate tailored programmes of training from Signet Solutions have enabled these groups to rapidly reach a level of competent and capable design production.

ATKINS Rail Programme – Fast Track Testers
This programme brought 30 Tester engineers into the industry over a 2-year period.

Signalling Solutions - Signal Testing Engineering Conversion Programme
This programme developed 4 groups of ex-servicemen, progressing their military service to become Testing Engineers in the Railway Industry.

THALES – Toronto Canada – Design Programme
Our consultants have travelled to Canada to deliver this design programme as they needed to learn the UK Principles. Thales being a global Company have carried out many projects throughout the world and have benefitted greatly from the experience of learning these principles.

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