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Who We Are

We are a rail industry organisation. We are dedicated to defining, developing, and delivering Training and Development Programmes that enable you to provide the service or products to the standards YOUR clients demand.

We are a team of professionals, each with proven and recognised experience in railway signal engineering; training; development and assessment. We have a commitment to doing our very best to help the whole industry provide capable people equipped to meet the challenges of the rail industry today and tomorrow.

What We Do


Our extensive experience equips us to provide high quality training that is closely matched with today’s real challenges in the industry. Our training is always objective-led: we define what knowledge and skills are needed, transfer these in the best way possible, and then assess to provide positive confirmation that the objectives have been met.

Development Programmes

An example of how the value of our training approach can best be realised is the structured long-term personnel development we provide to a variety of customers. This process can be used to deliver capable engineers and technicians, starting with your existing staff, or perhaps with personnel recruited from other industries.

Assessment and Competence Assurance

All development must be directed towards clearly identified needs. We will always confirm that the training objectives have been met by providing objective assessments of performance, with the learner’s achievements clearly stated. You can use our assessment evidence within your competence management system to contribute to a robust picture of consistent performance to the required standard.

Process Design

Because we are engineers, we understand the need to have system processes to which performance criteria can be matched. We therefore undertake extensive briefs for rail administrations and industry partners for the production of Standards and Specifications.

Example Products

As well as our extensive suite of courses which we deliver on an Open Programme for individual to attend or as full courses booked by a client we also offer full programmes to development staff over a longer period of time.

All our programmes are tailored to your needs. If your personnel only need a part, we will only recommend a part. If something is needed which is unusual or unique we will seek out a solution.

Signal Engineer Conversion Programme

As there is a known shortage of Signal Engineers throughout the Industry, The Signal Engineering Conversion Programme is designed to meet this demand by re-orienting engineers from other industries towards the signalling discipline. We can deliver a course in partnership with our clients’ needs.

Signalling Testing Programme

We have embarked on a radical revision of the content and environment. Our new programme gives context to the content and provides a clear route for progression and succession.

Signalling Design Programme

We make a difference to your resource problems. With our model, designers learn and grow with the opportunities you present. Our programme provides training interlaced with practical experience where the learning is enforced by doing.

Why Do Clients Want Us?

  • We deliver
  • We develop the resources you need for your business
  • We don't provide 'just training'. We provide the tailored training and development that rail engineers need now
  • We work with you, for you

What Are Our Values?

  • Delivery by practitioners who understand the industry
  • Excellent client relationships
  • Openness and approachability
  • Consistency of output
  • Exceeding the expectation of the industry
  • Long term commitment to customers
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