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Signalling Maintenance Courses

Our range of signalling maintenance courses are written to reflect current principles, technology and workplace needs. This, very often lends itself to a bespoke solution, however we are very capable of running generic courses where this suits the needs of our clients.

For your convenience, we have labelled some courses with “familiar” three letter acronym titles. Despite this familiar labelling, we remind you that our courses are far superior to those same titles being offered elsewhere. Please see the individual course specifications to confirm the up-to-date and relevant content.

Our maintenance training is based upon current Railway Group and Network Rail Company standards, supplemented by best practice guidance where these are unclear. However, we encourage a deep understanding of the operating principles of equipment and how signalling maintenance procedures enable the equipment to be serviced accurately.

We do however challenge the delegates to understand how they can impact on the system and ensure they work on the equipment safely and with good underpinning knowledge and practical ability which is assessed in a safe and controlled environment.

Our maintenance courses are supported by relevant demonstration using our suite of working practical equipment, including signals, points, track circuits, locations, SSI equipment, mechanical signalling, block circuits, route relay interlocking and entrance-exit control panel.

Signet Solutions are also able to design training to meet the specific needs of your staff in the maintenance field. We are able to train on any aspect of the maintainer’s role.

Signet Solutions has successfully delivered maintenance development programmes which provide employers with an express train route to competent professional teams.

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