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Clamp Lock Maintenance

Signalling Maintenance Courses

Duration 5 days
Location Any subject to equipment requirements
Delegates Maximum 6

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This course is intended for signal technicians who will be maintaining Clamp Lock Point machines.

Key Features

  • Underpinning Knowledge matched to IRSE Licences
  • Intensive practical experience in applying the role of Point Maintainer
  • May be tailored to specific client or railway administration requirements

Course Outcomes

On successful completion of this course, the delegate will be able to describe the function of the following

  • Principles of Operation
  • Key Component
  • Mechanical Operation
  • Electrical Operation
  • Mechanical Installation
  • Rail Sections, Switch Types and Layouts
  • Maintenance
    • Adjustment and Gauging
    • General
    • Specific Services (A&B)
    • Changing of Components
  • Faulting
  • Testing & Restoration to Service

Assessment and Certification

Achievement of the Course Outcomes will be assessed by a practical assessment.

The delegate’s achievement of the Course Outcomes will be confirmed by a certificate which will be forwarded to the nominated client contact following the course.


A well prepared delegate is expected to have a basic background in Signal Engineering. Ideally they will have attended some basic training already (i.e. BS1/BS2/Introduction to Signalling) or have relevant experience.

Duration: 5 days

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