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Latest News

Expansion of Signet Training Centre Facilities

18th June 2014

Signet Solutions has recently expanded their Training Centre facilities in Derby. This has included adding two further classrooms with SMARTBOARDS to improve the quality of training provided.

We have also improved the lounge and kitchen facilities where the delegates take their breaks, including a quiet area for those who wish to read or update on their emails etc. and a television area where delegates can relax and chill after a long session of training.

The kitchen area is well equipped with many varieties of tea and coffee and cold drinks where the delegates can help themselves at any time of the day. There is also a microwave, fridge and dishwasher. The biscuits and sweets are a bonus as well.

Atkins Fastrack Programme for Testers Starts with Signet Solutions

4th March 2014

Atkins have expressed a need for Testers within their Company and Signet Solutions have proposed a Programme for 4 groups of delegates to be trained on a Fastrack programme to become Functional and Verification Testers following experience and mentorship in the Workplace. The delegates have all been carefully selected and many are from the Armed Forces background. The programme starts with an Introduction to Signalling followed by a Mod 5 Test Assistant course. They will also undertake training Installation and Technology and Circuitry as well as the Functional and Verification Tester type courses. It is proposed that they be well on their way to achieving their goal by the end of the year. As Signet Solutions converted ex serviceman for Network Rail some years ago we know that this venture has been a success as many of those delegates are now in Senior positions within the Rail Industry.

Accredited Training and Assessment Provider under the NSARE banner

16th August 2013

Signet Solutions are pleased to announce that on 8th August 2013 we were passed as an Accredited Training & Assessment provider under the NSARE banner.  We will now be placed in the programme of forthcoming inspections.

Signet Once Again Accredited with ISO 9001:2008

23rd July 2013

Signet are proud to announce they have again been awared accredition for their Quality Management System for ISO 9001:2008

Signet Delivers in Russia

5th December 2012

Signet Solutions are very excited to be working in conjunction with Ansaldo STS (Italy). The ITARUS ATC project defines a new Signalling System based on satellite navigation and Radio Block Centre (RBC) derived from the experience of Ansaldo STS ERTMS Level 2 applications.

The ITARUS-ATC system which is to be installed in Khosta - Matsesta Line shall cooperate with the existing signalling, interlocking, automatic block system equipment and other signalling equipment of train control.

Signet are developing and delivering the Radio Block Control courses in Russia at St. Petersburg for the operators course and Khosta near Sochi for the RBC maintainers course.

Minor Railway Workshop 2012

1st September 2012

Saturday & Sunday 1st & 2nd September 2012

Venue: Signet Solutions Training Centre, Derby

IRSE – Minor Railways Section – Signal Maintenance and Inspection Technical Workshop

With the kind support and sponsorship of Park Signalling Ltd, the Minor Railway Section will be holding a technical workshop at Signet Solutions Ltd in Derby, on the above dates. This workshop follows on from the previous successful meetings and technical visits held by the Section and is open to general interest