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Signalling the Layout for ERTMS Level 2

5 Days
At our Derby premises or at your location by arrangement
Maximum number of delegates: 


This course will enable a signalling designer to create a signalling plan for the UK application of ERTMS Level 2.

Key Features

  • This course addresses the future method of signalling for the UK.
  • The course concentrates on understanding of underlying rules for ERTMS level 2 equipment specification.
  • Euro technical jargon is explained in clear English terms
  • Extensive practical exercise covering a wide variety of lifelike situations
  • Underpinning Knowledge matched to IRSE Licence requirements
  • Also provides preparation for module 2 of the IRSE examination

Course Outcomes

On successful completion of this course, the delegate will be able to:

  • Explain ERTMS Level 2 operations and system components
  • Determine end of authority to supervised location distances and release speeds
  • Perform headway calculations to determine layout parameters
  • Position nodes, marker boards and supervised locations
  • Specify node and marker identities
  • Specify eurobalise group positions
  • Specify route characteristics
  • Specify any additional trap points required
  • Specify normal lie and identity of points
  • Specify train detection areas and identities

Assessment and Certification

Achievement of the Course Outcomes will be assessed by a theory assessment of signalling layout principles for ERTMS level 2.
The delegate’s achievement of the Course Outcomes will be confirmed by a certificate which will be forwarded to the nominated client contact following the course.


A well prepared delegate is expected to be able to describe the basic functionality of conventional UK lineside signalling.