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Australia Basic Signalling Technology

Bespoke & Private Courses: 

This course is run in partnership with Ansaldo Australia, please contact us further details.

10 Days
Maximum number of delegates: 
10 Delegates


This course is intended for the signal engineer who requires development of signalling principles knowledge towards design of interfaces to trackside equipment.

Key Features

  • Demonstration of all equipment types on working systems with complete diagram
  • Signalling systems
  • Plan conventions and symbols
  • Signalling relays and circuits
  • Electrical interlockings
  • Train Detection
  • Signals
  • Automatic Warning System
  • Train protection and Warning System
  • Points
  • Cabling
  • Power Supplies
  • Location design
  • The project life-cycle
  • Works design and testing processes
  • Competence issues

Course Outcomes

On successful completion of this course, the delegate will be able to describe and interpret the following:

  • Operation of Relay and SSI driven signals.
  • Symbols on signalling plans and circuit diagrams.
  • Operation of train detection systems.
  • Principles of operation of interlockings.
  • Principles of TPWS application and operation
  • Mechanical and electrical operation of points.
  • Principles of Rail Signalling power supplies.
  • Selection of Rail Signalling cabling.
  • Design and testing processes and relationships.

Assessment and Certification

Achievement of the Course Outcomes will be assessed by a theory assessment. The delegate’s achievement of the Course Outcomes will be confirmed by a certificate which will be forwarded to the nominated client contact following the course.


A well prepared delegate is expected to be able to demonstrate an understanding of basic electrical principles, symbols and circuits.