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AST - Advanced Signalling Technology

10 Days
Australia, subject to availability
Maximum number of delegates: 


This course is intended for the signal engineer who requires development of signalling principles knowledge, or to work on Route Relay Interlockings.

Key Features

  • The route relay interlocking technology is the universal basis of all interlocking principles and control tables, such that this course is valuable even if the delegate is not intending to work on RRI technology
  • Closely links the standard circuits to signalling principles and control tables
  • Completely updated to reflect current requirements
  • Relay names and technical jargon are explained in “plain english” terminology
  • Delegates will benefit from practice on our working route relay interlocking

Course Outcomes

On successful completion of this course, the delegate will be able to describe the function of the following classes of circuitry.

  • Push Button Interlocking
  • Route Interlocking
  • Points Interlocking and interfaces
  • Sectional Route Locking
  • Signal Controls
  • Route Normalisation
  • Indications

Assessment and Certification

Achievement of the Course Outcomes will be assessed by a theory assessment of circuit principles.

The delegate’s achievement of the Course Outcomes will be confirmed by a certificate which will be forwarded to the nominated client contact following the course.


A well prepared delegate is expected to be able to interpret simple signalling layout plans and circuit diagrams.