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Track Circuit Bonding Design

5 Days
At our training centre or on your premises by arrangement
Maximum number of delegates: 


This course will enable a signalling designer to progress to the production of track circuit bonding design for non-electrified and AC electrified lines.


Key Features

Track Circuiting Concepts:

● Basic Track Circuit Operation
● Series and Parallel Bonding
● Permitted Spurs
● Electrical and Physical Stagger
● Double Rail, Single Rail and Common Rail Configurations
● Fishplate Bonding, Jumper Bonding & Red Bonding
● Track Circuit Interrupters

External Factors Affecting Track Circuit Design

● Constraints on Joint Positions related to vehicle dimensions
● Constraints on Joint Positions imposed by track engineering
● AC Electrification Principles
● Traction Bonding Appreciation

Bonding Design Process

● Constraints and Ground Rules
● Preparation
● Basic Arrangement
● Spurs from series bonded rails
● Parallel bonded rails
● Switches on parallel bonded rails
● Agree IRJ positions

Bonding Design Exercises

● Simple arrangements
● Full design from 1:100 plan

Assessment and Certification

The outcome of the course will be assessed by a written design assessment. Acheivement of the objectives will be confirmed by a certificate.


The participant should already be familiar with signalling plans and basic signalling principles.